Paul, I really appreciate this very thoughtful response. I really did try to take these claims at face value here, because I believe adopting a "fuck your feelings" approach is completely counter-productive.

I know people will say you can't convince anyone once they've made up their mind, but we don't need to convince everyone. With elections this close, even enabling a few people to see logic rather than emotion, truth rather than partisan fiction, can make all the difference. If real discourse can soften the hearts or open the minds of even half a percent of voters, it will be worth all the time we can give to it.

I'm not saying everyone has to engage; if one's soul or mental health can't take it, step out of the line of fire. It's nothing to be ashamed about: living in a post-truth world is incredible stressful and saddening.

That feeling of being torn between engaging and walking away: I feel that every day. My wife, who is a writer, feels that so strongly now that she's almost shutting down. Thank you for putting words to that feeling here.

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