Michigan.gov links to each county’s results. Many of those counties, including Shiawassee, use electionreporting.com as a contractor for reporting results. Shiawassee county reports 15,347 votes for Biden, as shown in the article (well, a few more than in the article now due to ongoing count).

These reported results remain unofficial as they have not been certified by the board of canvassers.

Similarly, the full state unofficial results are available. Again, official canvass will have to be completed before the electors vote on December 14th.

Where is it that you think these extra 100,000 votes are being reported? If you have some kind of evidence that an extra 100,000 votes are still in the tally, I’m very happy to look at it. Or you could point me toward this “other research or explanation” you mention. I am 100% serious, the whole point here is to look at the evidence.

Your request for an updated “graph” concerns me, because as discussed in the article, the graphs are basically meaningless in terms of the results of the election, and are determined entirely by when any particular media agency decides to enter reporter votes into their data sources.

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